1. Siphonic System

  • Siphonic roof drainage technology is a hydraulic engineering exercise that ensures and controls the formation of pressure inside the pipe system, and achieves very high drainage capacity.
  • Siphonic systems are designed based on the principle of full bore flow. We can enjoy the array of benefits that can be achieved with siphonic systems. This includes rainwater pipes travelling long distance without any gradient to the pipe work, sizes and number of rainwater pipes significantly reduced, water depth in the gutters significantly lowered to allow precise engineering and many more.
  • Siphonic System combines creative design with precision hydraulic engineering to provide innovative solutions to any roof drainage requirement.

2. Benefits of Siphonic System

  • Elegance


    Fast Flow solutions characterize right customization, minimal pipe work and flexible use of materials that enable freedom in creative design of drainage so as to complement the architecture and engineering of any structure, preserving the elegance even during a harsh environment. (1) (3) (5) (6)


  • 0-Gradient


    Fast Flow solutions fully optimize lateral pipe lengths without gradient to achieve efficient use of ceiling headroom by freeing up extra valuable building space. (2) (12)


  • Space Saving


    Leveraging on small diameter pipe work, Fast Flow solutions provide flexibility in pipe locations and free up crucial space of a building. (3) (6)


  • Multiple Materials


    Fast Flow solutions maximise the efficient use of multiple materials that enable a single siphonic system across any structure demanding different materials at different locations. (4) (5) (7) (8) (12)


  • Rainwater Management


    Fast Flow siphonic system exhibits flexibility in managing rainwater design for all types of roof and buildings through creative design and engineering. (4) (8) (9) (12)


  • Rainwater Harvesting


    Fast Flow siphonic system allows various outlets to combine into single system and transport water through long distance without slope, making it the ideal transportation tool for rainwater harvesting. (4)


  • Design Freedom


    By easing tight space shared by all services, Fast Flow siphonic system bring forth flexible pipe work configurations for design freedom and improved buildability of unique architecture. (1) (5) (11)


  • Landscape Drainage


    Fast Flow siphonic system enhances the efficiency and aesthetic of the network drainage connection, creating elegant landscape and effectual green roof. (10)


  • Eco-efficient


    Siphonic system uses smaller and less pipe work. This means less material are required to build the rainwater management system in the building, achieving minimal use of resources in green building lifecycle.